The House of MIST

Our essential oils are extracted from flower and spice and all things nice. We find, produce, import and manufacture pure, concentrated and high quality perfumes using 100% Ethanol (200P)

Agents & Personal Distribution

Our local agents have testers for our popular scents and can supply you directly.


Long lasting, high quality perfume manufactured locally for you.


100% Ethanol at 200 Proof, allows our perfumes to exceed and deliver world class scents. When you wear MIST, Everyone knows.


Love says it all in four simple letters and in three distinct scents. Love smells like a tropical sunset, it is pretty, happy and warm all at the same time. Love is everything, it is happy and lively but at the same time not too sweet, Love is exciting but not overpowering, Love is comfortable but alive, warm but not too soft. Fruity, scents of citrus, pears and fruits blends naturally into flowery with fresh juicy plums then rolls softly into vanilla and smooth musk


Romance is young, shocking, fresh and alive! The world feels happy, hopeful and anything great can happen at any time! The first 20 minutes are intense bergamot and citrus, then some roses, jasmine and fruity flavours toning down into vanilla, floral and musk.

Top quality perfumes

Available in your area


Flowers, Botanical, soft and feminine


Leather, Musk, Moss and Sandalwood

Non Binary

Moss, Bergamot, Ocean, Forest and trees


Roses, lillies, Pansies, Daisies


Citrus, Pineapple, Watermelon, Berries and more….


Only pure musk, is musk.

Delivery to your door

Or collect from your local agent directly!

Christine Coetzee

Christine Coetzee is an Area Agent and can be reached on 064 326 9476 or via email:

Maude Lottering

Agent: Standerton 083 229 6732 or via email

Antoinette Hefer

Agent: Meyerton 083 587 2164 or via email

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Area Agent

Area Agent

Area Agent

Area Agent

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